What’s the Notion

When, sitting in Kui’s living room, I decided to start my blog, the first question she asked was what I’d call it. I had absolutely no idea, so we sat down to think, and eventually settled on the name ‘Birth of a Notion’.

It sounded good then, but like everything else, I sometimes wish I’d changed the name slightly. Maybe the Birth of a Concept, or the Making of a Project. Somehow, those don’t really catch what I’m trying to convey.

When you start something, you never quite know where it’s going to lead. I suppose that’s how I felt on that day. Sometime ago, a young enterpreneur developed a machine with which his blind friend could communicate with him. The year was 1808, the enterpreneur/inventor was Pellegrino Turri, his friend was the countess Carolina Fantoni Da Fivizono, and the machine became known as the typewriter. Soon, it became the standard piece of equipment for secretaries, journalists, authors and other members of the writing profession. We don’t see many typewriters lying around these days, but we see the typewriter keyboards, every time we look at a computer.

In my life, I’ve seen many beginnings; I’ve watched projects start, and I’ve wondered where they would lead. One day, I was in school, the next, I’d got my exams. One day, I was nervously registering for university, and soon I had a doctorate. Sometimes, beginnings have led to unexpected results. The first day I used a computer, it had no screenreader. I was only fooling around, showing off my typing speed. That was in the late 80s; and now …!

So, maybe my forays into blogsphere isn’t going to set the world alight, but as a personal achievement, it ranks very highly; it is certainly the beginning of an unpredictable era. and who knows where it will lead? Maybe, … just maybe, it could even set the world alight. After all, Turri only invented the typewriter for person-to-person communication between himself and his friend.

So, what do I have to say, … what’s the notion? First, I’d like to write about me, because I’m special. So are you. I think it’s amazing that God made so many billion unique people. There is no duplication, and that means that each of us has something to say.

I want to challenge myself and everyone else. Things aren’t always what they seem, blind people can use computers, Deaf swimmers can represent their countries along with non-disabled people. Christians are not yet perfect. … and there’s lots more!

Every time something challenges me, I realise again that I’ve got limited thinking. I also learn anew that God is unlimited, and that he’s the author of all challenges. It says in the Bible that His ways are higher than ours. I want to get to the place where nothing challenges me anymore, because I know that with God, all things are possible.

I’m an unashamed Christian, but I hope I’m one who also loves to enjoy life. I party, even have the occasional wine. I enjoy myself because the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof. God wants us to enjoy His creation. That’s why I write about music, theatre, life as a visually impared person, and anything that takes my fancy.

So, what’s the notion? I honestly don’t know, except that it’s filled with endless possibilities. Want to join?

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