I could write pages and pages about myself … and that’s not because I’m self-obsessed, but because I’ve lived with myself for this long. Before I bore you, let me stick to the format I used with some school children a while ago.

First, I’m African, specifically Nigerian. I love my country, even though we don’t always make it to the World Cup. I don’t live in Nigeria, but I go as often as I can, because I’ve still got friends at home, 16 years after I left. You know, sometimes, I wonder if Nigeria loves me as much in return, but that’s another question.

Second, I’m blind, visually impaired, disabled, whatever you want to call me. Actually, there’s a lot of debate about the right language. I don’t care, as long as you recognize who I am when dealing with me, and are not rude about it. I talk about this freely, tease myself and get teased about it. If you don’t enjoy life, you’ll end up as a moaner. I choose to enjoy life. I’m not saying it’s easy. People are surprised that I can use a computer, I’m always having to tell people that I’ve got my brain, even if I don’t see. Please tell employers and prospective girlfriends …joke!

Third, I’m a Christian. I love God passionately. I’m not perfect, and don’t much like being judged. Only God is perfect, so expect some mistakes here.

People ask me many questions. Why am I still a Christian, despite my blindness. How come employers can’t see that I’m just the most charming asset they could ever wish for. You’ll have to keep reading to find out more.

7 Responses to About

  1. Hello

    A friend has informed me of OFNC and I would like to know more about the fellowship’s activities.

    Thanks and God Bless

    Tokunbo Olowu
    07904 518 073

  2. Celeste says:

    So glad to see you have got a blog! Keep up the great work, and trusting in God!

  3. imnakoya says:

    I’m glad I found your site – first of its kind! And you write really well too. I have it bookmarked. Cheers!

  4. colin raine says:

    Hi Ife – I came across your site purely by accident as I am “too old” to work these new fangled things effectively. By searching “Skerton Methodist” I found your article regarding mother’s (Olive Newby) funeral in March 2007. Your visits meant so much to her and I am pleased to note they also meant a great deal to you. I have only met you on 2 or 3 occasions but I am really glad I had some fleeting opportunies to share time with you. I – and the rest of the family – will be forever grateful for the times you spent with Olive – and thanks again for your well chosen words which mean so much to all of us. – kindest regards Colin.

  5. Dear most beloved David & Rachel Prince ,
    How are you to day ,from a long time could not visit internet cafe ,full discouraged due to not having any corresoindence from aborad. any how now again camt to net point and saw your old letters, sorry for the long break.
    you are in our hearts and praying continually may the lord bless and use you for his gloyr.

    pleae inform us your thoughts forthe minstry extension in India,.thank you so much foryour prvious correspondece. we thank you again . love you and hope to hear from you ,.
    thanking you.Email :wordoflifeministry@gmail.com
    Yours in HIm,.

  6. Simisola says:

    Hi brother, i just came across this site and i thank God for your life and bless His Name for what He’s doing in and through your life. You’re quite an inspiration! God bless you.


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