Happy new year

Ok, I haven’t blogged for a while. What’s happening?

It’s the new year, happy new year. It’s snowing round the UK and all around me people are either walking carefully or sliding. As someone once reminded me, I’m getting older, it would be worse for me if I fell now.

I’ve been thinking of last year … you know, as you do when you come to the end of a year and the beginning of the next one? I never knew last year would turn out like it did … but that’s exactly what happened. For a lot of last year, I wondered why things weren’t going as I wanted … then at the end of the year, I decided things weren’t so bad after all. Here’s how I worked it out: At the end of each year, I think back and find one reason to thank God in each month, one thing that really made me happy. I usually find that there’s more than one reason every month. In January, someone spoke some really prophetic words to me. In March, God preserved my dad’s life and health, in November, I had one week’s notice before going to Nigeria on a very successful trip. I went to St Martin In the Fields twice last year … I’d never been before. Once in March, I said a prayer at the commemoration of Louis Braille’s bicentenary, and once in September, with the Sunbeam’s music troupe, where I sang ‘Amazing Grace’. Even in June, at my very lowest point in a very long time, I received encouragement from some unexpected quarters. This year, I did some new things too, (apart from going to St Martin in the Fields). I got into Twitter, and just before Christmas, into Facebook. Wow! I have 130 friends already. On 31 December 2009, I realised I’d moved forward from where I was exactly a year earlier. Thank you Lord!

And what of those I know? I did lose a very dear friend in April, (though I hadn’t seen him in years) and one or two others who had been influential in my life. But several good friends got married. I was at two of them; a big one in Barrow and an intimate one in Somerset. Several other couples had their first babies, including miracle Lilly. Her parents had been told she’d be born with some birth defects. God’s answers to the prayers of the church meant that she was born a healthy joyful baby, and every Sunday, when I see her, I marvel again at how God can change the things we hear from experts, if we believe. I bet her parents remember every second. Thank you Lord!

Yes, last year was difficult. Halfway through the year, I observed that nothing but God could hold me up. I still think so, even though I can say that things are much improved. Trusting in God is the only way.

And this year! I’m looking forward to it just as much as I looked forward to 2009. Things didn’t exactly turn out as I expected, but God taught me how to trust in Him, and I think I can take the lesson into 2010 and prosper. It’s no longer just clever sounding words, it’s the real thing now.

Going back to clever sounding words though. Maybe it’s like walking on ice in the cold. The Bible talks about being clothed in the right armour, right up to our shoes. Right clothes are useful in the cold too. The wrong shoes and I slide. Clothes that aren’t warm enough, and I die of hypothermia. Walking carelessly … well remember I don’t want to break any bones. But I think it’s most important that even if I’m cautious when I walk, my steps are sure. Maybe that’s what God does, makes me surefooted on the icy roads of life. Happy new year.

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  1. Katch up says:

    A happier year to you even.

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