Meeting an angel

During the August bank Holiday, several churches are combining to have a Mission to Morecambe. Unfortunately, I can’t be there, as I’ll be at the annual conference of the Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians in Caefnlee, Wales. But I know about this and wish them well.

How do I know? Well, if you want to find out more, listen to my gospel show next week on Diversity FM. You’ll hear it live at 1 PM, repeated at 8 PM and the Sunday after at 10 AM. By God’s grace, I’ll be interviewing Hilson Carter, who’s leading the project.

I had the pleasure (and privilege) of speaking to him after Wednesday’s show, just to get an idea of the man. He’s a quietly spoken man, not the firy evangelist. I wonder what he’ll think of my upbeat gospel show. But don’t be fooled, he has a story that’s worth listening to.

How did he decide to do this? Well, he’s only just been in the area two years now. He was cycling with his daughter when they stopped to argue about whether she should be wearing her helmet properly. These two men approached them and asked if they were Christians. When they said yes, the conversation began, and the men told him that he should give a message to the Morecambe bay Christian Centre. OK he thought, I don’t even know who these people are, or where the Morecambe Bay Christian Centre is, but I’ll listen anyway. And then they prayed, and as they did, one of the men touched his shoulder and said “receive the fire”. Hilson tells me that a shiver went down his spine.

As the men left, he told his daughter that they’d disappear. The part they followed would lead to a bend, and then a car park. So, just to prove his point, he cycled with his daughter to follow them. He was cycling, they were walking, yet, they didn’t find the men.

This happened last year. Not too long after that, the comedian who’s now become a Christian, Bobby Ball was visiting the Brookhouse Methodist church, and he attended. There, he got a confirmatory revelation, and someone actually told him that their daughter worshipped at the Morecambe Bay Christian fellowship. But he still didn’t know exactly where that was, just where to park his car.

He did go there one Sunday, parked and prayed that God would show him what to do. Someone else pulled up with a Bible and confirmed that the centre was nearby. When Hilson delivered his message to the elders, they said that they’d had a similar word.

Oh I didn’t tell you. Hilson had been introduced to me by a great friend, Hilton. It’s great, their names are so similar. Hilton sat there, quietly listening, and it was at this point he spoke. He said he hadn’t realised that this had happened a year ago, because he’d also been to the Morecambe Bay Christian Fellowship and delivered a similar message, but it would have been after Hilson’s trip.

But there was more to come. At the end of May, An evangelist from Newcastle had visited the Brookhouse methodist church. I’d heard of this, even interviewed one of the elders of the church. I’d then been invited to the Friday evening event, but couldn’t make the rest of the weekend, as I was on my way to Middlesborough. It was a great Friday evening, and they were supposed to go to Lancaster town centre on the Saturday, inviting people for the evening and Sunday morning event. In the end, it didn’t happen; they went to Morecambe instead. I heard this from a friend. But Hilson also told me that on Sunday, Davey (that’s his name) had said he’d had a revelation that he’d be back in the area much sooner than he’d thought. It seems he’ll now be joining them in Morecambe. When Hilson told Davey about his vision, Davey agreed that it was probably the same thing, but said that God was impressing on him that it should be sooner than they’d anticipated, the August Bank Holiday.

So, now Hilson is arranging with all the churches in the area for prayer support and other help.

I asked him about his life. He said he’d been working in the Westmidlands on a project for young people. Miracles had accompanied his work. He once took 500 young people to the Blackpool Pleasure beach, and without any resources, he got the managers to give him tickets, organised their transport, etc. He also tole me he’d mostly worked from home, because he’d had problems with his feet. Apparently he’d torn his tendons and couldn’t walk properly. One day, quite recently, he’d been at an event where the speaker had talked about the simplicity of praying to God. He’d said that if anyone wanted prayer, they should come forward, row by row. It didn’t happen, everyone rushed forward. But it didn’t matter. When this speaker took hold of Hilson’s feet and started praying, Hilson closed his eyes. But the speaker said he should open it, or he’d miss the miracle. He opened it and watched in amazement as his two feet were healed. Apparently there were many witnesses at the event, but many who had walked and worked with him over the preceding 15 years can testify to what he was before. I know he walked with me into town to join his family, who were waiting for him in a car park. I was headed for the market, and after he left me, I just kept wondering about God’s power. You don’t have to be a firy evangelist or have multiple degrees. You don’t have to be anything, just willing to listen and obey.

You’ll hear more about this if you tune in to
next Wednesday, or Check out Hilton’s website which has all sorts of information about Christian activities in the area

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