March 8, 2009

Special! I’m in real trouble this time. My niece turned 13 today, and I didn’t ring her.

It’s a good thing she’s turned 13 now. All last year, I never stopped hearing of how difficult it is for preteens. So, I’m sure it will be much easier for her now that she’s crossed that milestone … did I just hear all parents of teenagers laughing?

It’s no excuse to say I tried really hard to reach her all day and failed. She’d never know if it was true, … it really is.
Mind you, last week, (on 1 March) IOA Consults turned 1 year, and I was going to write a short note about it, but didn’t. So, at least I’ve done better with my niece’s birthday than I did with my company. Just about.

Happy birthday K. I’ll have tomake it up to you somehow, and I know I’ll never hear the last of this anyway. But I did try, promise.