I’m back … already?

May 16, 2008

See! I told you!

Only a short one to say that Jeremy sent me a link to Nigerian proverbs. I haven’t fully explored it, maybe you might want to.

Jeremy is a mind of information. I remember when someone first told me that if I was looking for a number in church, he was the one to ask. Oh, here’s the link.

New friends and old ones

May 16, 2008

You know, it’s been a long time. I’ve spent a lot of the time meeting up with new friends.

In March, it was the International Conference of Nigerian Students. Wow! How many new faces? XN Foundation is doing great. The interest generated by participants of ICONS was wonderful. They’re keeping me on my toes, making me send newsletters, contact people, etc. Actually, it’s great fun, because I’ve made several friends, … one in particular.

In April, we had Whirlwind’s Easter show. Of course, you can’t call it the Easter show anymore, because of the changes in the British school term. Let’s just call it the holiday show. That was great too. It was the fullest one week programme we’d ever had. Normally, for the shorter programmes, we usually have a maximum of 15 people. Not this time. We had 30 (I think) and several of them had never been before. As usual, there were great reviews afterwards. I even had the chance to award stars (that’s this year’s version of the green stickers, for those who have been following my adventures with Whirlwind). And most of them promised to be back in Summer for the three week programme. If they do register, we’ll be full in no time, I think our capacity is 40. Maybe by then, I’d have resumed regular blogging.

Actually, I will soon. I was reminded by an old friend. Yes, I’ve been meeting them too. Morakinyo was with me in KC. He’d seen several things about me and sent me two emails, to two different addresses. Both found me, and after my response, he actually called this week. Now that was great. So people are reading this? I’ll be more careful what I write now, check the punctuation, … grammar … even the information. Or better still, I’ll write more often. Moraks asked when I last wrote something here. To my shame, I said a long time ago.

He’s doing great. He’s a Redemed pastor in Maryland, (the Nigerian version)with a wife and two children. Isn’t that just fantastic? I’ll visit when I come to Nigeria. You know, we were in the same dorm and we even played football together, when he wasn’t busy scoring the top grades in his class or playing football for Paynes House. I remember telling Ose how loyal Moraks was, … this was before he called. My bucket never disappeared from under my bed without Moraks going to the ends of the school to retrieve it. We were teenagers then, now he’s married with two children, running his firm and pastoring a church.

And this evening, (now that should be yesterday) I got another email, this time from Idy. I once went to meet Tutu at Heathrow; she was arriving from Nigeria. Actually, she hadn’t boarded the plane that day, she’d been harrassed by the police till she missed the flight. I didn’t know of course, because I was already on the train to London. As I waited and waited, this lady helped me, checked with the flight, did everything. She worked at the information desk. When I just waited, she’d come over, just to see that I was fine. We kept in touch for a while, then lost touch. And this evening, (oh that was yesterday again) She got back in touch. By the way, did I tell you that our first meeting was in 2000?

To all the new friends, … and the old ones too, thanks for staying in touch.