Winter Hibernation?

OK, I waited till well past April fool’s day before writing again. I remember thinking on Tuesday that if I wrote something, nobody would believe it was me. Actually, I wasn’t in much of a position to write, having spent the night on the London bound coach and returned by rail, the most expensive way to travel. You have to buy two single tickets for a return journey.

Sometime ago, I’d woken up to the sounds of birds and thought “ah! winter is over”. It’s great. Then I’d remembered that I hadn’t written anything here in ages. I don’t even have the excuse of the birds or animals. I didn’t fly anywhere, didn’t sleep through the winter.

If I’d learned public relations, I might have told you all about ICONS2008. I think it went well; it was in Hull and everyone said they enjoyed it … that is, everyone who attended. Despite the fact that we contacted more universities, we still didn’t have the explosion of numbers we dreamed. But we had some sensational speakers and a really enthusiastic bunch of delegates. They’re still bombarding me with emails. If you want to find out how it went, the photos will soon be out, but you can check the website now for details of speakers, etc.

Just before ICONS2008, IOA Consults was finally launched. That was March 1. I asked everyone who knew about it to just pray in their homes for prosperity and God’s grace and guidance. Thanks, it’s looking good, but don’t stop praying. Do you know, that’s one of the three things I prayed about at the beginning of the year? The other two are looking good too. The website is up, but I have a lot of changes to make. Thanks first to Sam and to Seun for tremendous help.

It was good to hear Rinehart Bunke at the Festival of Life, (known to Nigerians as the Holy Ghost Night). He said how he’d started small, and how he now preaches to millions, telling people of all faiths and races about the love of Jesus. He talked about Pentecost. He said the fact that the Holy Spirit gave the disciples utterance in every language demonstrates that the gospel is for all nations. He said his son-in-law is a pastor and was once joking that he (Rinehart) was getting old and should be handing over to the young. To which he replied that he’s like a 747. It’s fastest at the end of the runway. You never see the brakes going on just before takeoff.

I’d better start writing about this big project, the annual conference of the OFNC. The chair of the organising committee is from our branch, so we’re heavily involved. We plan to introduce changes. I hope it’s a great conference. Speaker is George Adegboye. Check the website.

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