I met an amazing woman on Sunday

I spent last weekend away from home. I’d been invited by a pastor to visit his church on Sunday morning. In the evening, we went to a pub to sing them some Christmas carols. I’d been invited to sing a few songs, say a few words, etc. In fact, the first miracle was that I could sing; if you’d heard my voice on the previous Tuesday, heard me coughing, and seen the expression of pain as each cough exacerbated my terribly sore throat, you’d have decided I couldn’t sing by the next weekend. But I did, thank God, to only a few coughs.

At the end, I spoke to this amazing lady. Three or four things struck me. First, her son. She has a son whom she so adored. You know as she talked about him, how everyone loves him, how everyone said he was so well mannered and she so lucky, how he so loved him in return … it was so touching. She told me of how he’d sat on her lap the other day and just touched her cheek. She said they were so close, it was as though they were really one, not two separate individuals. I actually had a thought I was too scared to voice, that should anything happen to this boy, she’d have nothing else to lean on.

Then she told me of her man. They’ve been together for two years now and they’ll get married at some point. He’s the love of her life too, and all she ever wants is her son and her man.

Then she told me of her sister who works for the Lord in some capacity. She doesn’t understand these things, but she’s so full of pride for her sister. Apparently, this lady’s been in the newspapers for her work ferrying drunken late night revellers home at the end of their adventures in the nightclubs. When she heard of our event, she texted her sister to ask if she knew about these happy clappers who were coming to invade her pub. Her sister didn’t know, but when they talked, the one sound advice she gave was that it must be from the Holy Spirit, or she shouldn’t even get involved.

Now, here’s where I get confused. She said her sister’s so wonderful. She knows why. I just kept wondering, if her sister’s so wonderful, why doesn’t she want some of that wonderfulness. She said she was so content. Sadly however, she had an accident and lost a baby. I think that accident has caused her some permanent physical injury. One day, at this same pub, her sister came with some friends. They prayed for her and she said she had such an amazing 24 hours, she’d never felt so good. So I asked if she’d liked that time so much, and it was so temporary, doesn’t she want it to be permanent?

At this point she goes back to talking about her sister. Her sister’s really wonderful, but she doesn’t preach to her. She does drop DVDs when she visits, in the certainty that they’ll be watched; and they are. Maybe I’m beginning to make her feel uncomfortable by telling her about permanent joy. But I don’t stop, because I still can’t work it out. I still can’t understand why she sees something better, but is content where she is.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t the confident preacher. I just kept going back to the things I didn’t understand about her story, and each time I did, she baffled me even more. Maybe I should have given her the scriptures about being a Christian; I didn’t. In any case, she has enough DVDs to tell her that. I simply told the pastor who’d invited me and a few others around the area to keep praying for her. Actually, she had a friend in that church. She thinks her friend is wonderful too.

Well, what more can I say? I’m still praying for you.


2 Responses to I met an amazing woman on Sunday

  1. Great to catch up with your news, and wonderful to know that you’re taking hold of every opportunity! Keep bringing Him glory!

  2. “I still can’t understand why she sees something better, but is content where she is.”

    It’s an interesting question.

    I guess sometimes, we see people who enjoy something that we would like, but we don’t often feel that we are worthy or deserving of the thing, or we believe that the effort required is beyond us. It doesn’t matter if they are told that it’s so easy to reach out and grab the thing; the perception that they have is so different from the actuality that it’s hard to convince them of this.

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