Provoking Damola

I’ve been reading through my most recent posts and noticed I’ve written Damola’s name several times. She’s my cousin and she lives in Nigeria. She has a great habit of reading every posting and commenting on the telephone or via email. Doesn’t she want you to see what she’s thinking?

I’m doing this at great personal risk, but I’ve decided that we need to know who Damola is. If you agree, please comment here. I’m sure she’ll see it one day soon. I’m expecting her to scream down the phone or via email, but if the protests are long and loud enough, she might be tempted to write a line.

Actually, I haven’t heard from her in a while. Last time I thought she was hiding, I discovered that she was ‘serving’. She’d gone on the 4 week orientation that Nigerians go for after university. It precedes a year of working for minimal pay in the service of the fatherland, or if you’re well connected, in the service of some institution that will further progress your career.

But she’s back now, and still hiding. Actually, so am I. I haven’t written here for a while, and I haven’t rung her. But here’s my chance to cause some trouble, and I’m enjoying it tremendously.


2 Responses to Provoking Damola

  1. damola says:

    As in u know now. ile la poti joko dedi. hmmmmmmmmmmm ah ah ok o. i wont say more than that. summer is coming. lagbara Oloun nothing i’ll hapn 2 d 2 of us……………………………………………….

  2. ifeolu says:

    I’m scared now! Look forward to seeing you. I’ll get training from now.

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