I’m back

October 15, 2007

It’s been ages! Thanks to David Prince for telling me that I haven’t blogged since 1 Sept. Can you imagine that? I don’t know what I’ve been doing in that time. Sometimes, I just haven’t felt like facing the world with my thoughts. What would you make of my ramblings.

It’s late, so I have an excuse. You can easily just call them the words of a half asleep guy. But come to think of it, I’m surprised it wasn’t Damola who contacted me. She’s always quick to check up when I’m not blogging. Actually, she’s always quick to check up when I’m not ringing her. And now, I must call you soon. Can’t remember when I last spoke to you. Maybe it was your fault for telling me I should celebrate my birthday.

I have been hiding, I know that. Meanwhile others have been blogging. About four months ago, Damola sent me a list of blogs. Today, just because I couldn’t go to sleep I finally started checking them out. Really interesting, especially Funmi Iyanda’s blog

Thanks David. I’ve been reading your blog this evening, (morning). You’ve definitely been busy writing.

So why haven’t I been writing? Partly, I’ve been busy, and partly, I have a lot on my mind. let’s do the news, the things that are resolved, or resolving. The local gospel music show is going well, and Diversity FM is actually now on FM in the Lancaster area. I gather you can hear one of the pre-recorded gospel shows on Sunday mornings at 11 AM. I’m in church praising and worshipping, not in the studio, and definitely not listening, so I can’t tell you which shows. But I’m live most Wednesdays at 1 PM, repeated at 8 PM.

Having said that, I’m not there in a fortnight. I’ll be at Torch House doing the other radio project, the one on Premier. It’s on air now, at 9 PM on Saturday evenings. I’m just one of the crew; I don’t know when any of my reports will come up; I haven’t even listened to any of the two episodes so far broadcast. Wedding yesterday and a party for new Nigerian students last week.

Yes, the session has kicked off; new students have resumed. It’s usually pretty busy about this time, showing them round Lancaster. It’s busy from about August, taking emails, answering questions, praying for visas, etc. I suppose it’s a good thing, but I’m always reminded of how transitory the student life is. Sometimes, I feel like the fixture in a changing world. Every year, I meet the new students in October, but the month before, I’m saying goodbye to the old ones. I know that next year, there’ll be the sad farewells. Sometimes, I’m not sure if I like being the student’s rep for the OFNC. You meet too many new people and you say goodbye to too many. It’s regular like clockwork.

Last week’s party was fantastic. It’s a good thing the weather was great, because my house had never been so full. People had to move into the garden. And to think that on Friday night at 9.45, I raced to the uni to get one more volunteer to help with the cooking. I’m always so worried because you never know how many will turn up, but this year, I left preparations till very late. Nobody can tell me any different; only God made it successful.

God has been really good. Sometime in September, we had two consecutive Sundays where the sermon came from the same passage. They were very different, the second sermon was delivered by a guest speaker who could not have known what happened the previous week. It was the passage about Jairus’ daughter who was raised by Jesus. On His way to the healing, the woman with the issue of blood had touched his garment. I missed the first week because I was in London; but I heard That it was great. Something about God wanting to satisfy us by healing or answering our prayers, but also keep us hungry and yearning for him. There’s the CD, but knowing me, I haven’t picked it up yet. I did hear Tony Ling though. He talked about two different people, a 12 year old girl, and a woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years. One went to Jesus, Jesus went to the other.

Bedtime. Something else. IOA Consults has begun. Website is ready, but it’s still being built.

Goodnight. Wish I could stay up as late as some of the bloggers I’ve been reading today. Laspapi for example. His blogs are timed at 4 or 5 AM.