Christopher Tenant

November 24, 2006

Sometime ago, I mentioned a young man who had a really aggressive cancer. His name is Chriss, and on Saturday morning, he finally left his mortal body and went to be with the Lord. At church, we prayed hard and long, but the Lord decided that it was time for Chriss to come home.

Chriss was 27, only son of his parents. I heard he was ill in October, and in just 7 weeks, it was all over. The cancer was all over, his spine, his prostate and his lungs.

Yesterday, we celebrated his life. It was a packed service. The family seems well known in Lancaster, and I’m not surprised. The stories of their Christian love and generosity have echoed throughout the city. He’d talked to the pastor about psalm 9, which was read aloud.

I still can’t fully believe this. Of course I remember him well. He was very tall, and always very cheerful. When I spoke to him, while he was in hospital, he sounded so cheerful, you wouldn’t believe he was so ill. But by the end of his life here, he was paralysed and couldn’t swallow. And it all happened so quickly.

Ian our pastor read the account of David, when he prayed and fasted for his son, who eventually died. He said that when the child lived, he prayed and fasted, hoping that God would spare him, but now that the child was dead, there was no further need to do that. The child cannot come back to David, but David would eventually go to meet his son. And that’s how we feel about Chriss Tenant. Please keep praying for Dave and Dianne, his parents. Of course, they’re grieving, but I’ve seen unbelievable strength in that couple in the past weeks. Yesterday their faith shone through everything.

When you don’t check your own blog

November 21, 2006


It’s been such a long time, but I’m not yet tired of blogging. It’s just that so many things have been happening.

Today, I needed to check something in my blog, and that was how I discovered that I hadn’t published the entry on my birthday. Well, I’ve done something about that now, at least a week after I wrote it. Better late than ever.

Maybe I’ll start checking more often. Maybe I’ll write more. And what was I checking. It was a comment by a guy, in response to my report on the annual conference of the Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians. Strange, the comment was no longer there. Could I have deleted it? Or could he?

I can’t remember your name now, just your surname, Olowu. Please get back in touch, and I’ll try to treat you with more respect.

It was my birthday

November 14, 2006

Friday 10 November was my birthday. I’m not yet 40. That will be next year.

But that didn’t stop the party. I had a surprise one, I thought I was going to see a film and kept wondering why the time for the film kept changing.

Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe it took so long to recover this year. I must have spent all weekend resting from Friday’s party, or I’d have paid a visit to tell about it. Anyway, I’m back now, and the party was certainly not over at housegroup (Monday evening) when I clumsily blew out the candles on a birthday cake and was given another to take home.

I spent some time alone on Friday evening, just to think of the day. I found that I still have reason to thank God. More on that another time.

Thanks to the organisers of the surprise party, Lara and Moji.

Happy birthday dad!

November 2, 2006

My dad is 73 years old today. I spoke to him this morning. He sounded cheerful and ready to face the world.

Who’d have believed it! I remember one day, holding his hand as we walked the street in Ibadan Nigeria. I asked him how old he was. A daring question for a 6 year old. He said in a matter-of-fact way that he was 40. 40! Wow! My dad was forty whole years old! Now I’m nearly 40.

Happy birthday dad.

Rob and Catherine Davies

November 2, 2006

On Sunday, I met this remarkable couple for the very first time. They were on their way from Somerset to North East England for a holiday. They’d stopped at Cheshire on Saturday and arrived in time for service at King’s, after which we had lunch. Don’t worry, as far as I know, I didn’t poison them. In fact, I didn’t make the meal, so they’re safe.

Rob, moderates the website of Echurch, the list for visually impaired Christians. They’re dedicated, keeping in touch with members on a regular basis, and encouraging and praying for them. He’s in his sixties. He and Catherine have been married for about two or three years now.

They keep going, even though Rob has had two heart attacks this year. Catherine tells of how her training helped to save Rob. Everyone knows to worry about pain in the left arm. For Rob, it was pain in his jaw which alerted Catherine. As they went to hospital in the ambulance, she prayed, and felt a peace, so she started praising God. Rob too says he prayed, and it was as though Jesus was praying over him.

After lunch, they proceeded on their way to North East England. Hope they’re having a great time.