On the BBC World Service

It started with a short e-mail that I sent to the producers of a BBC programme. I’d heard an interview with David Blunket, the Labour Party MP and former minister, who is also blind. So I rote to the producers, telling them that I could relate to a lot of the things he’d spoken about, and that I was impressed that he wanted to spend sometime working to increase awareness about visual impairment in developing countries.

That was the end of the matter, until I got a call from the producer of the programme. After asking me a few questions, she said she’d like to interview me for the programme. So, I paced my living room on Friday afternoon, holding the telephone and answering questions. I’ve heard the programme this morning, and I hear there are a few more repeats today.

It was a four and a half minute interview, but it felt like two minutes. There was so much to say. Maybe next time, there’ll be even more time to talk about how we work, live, travel, make friends, … and do so much more, despite visual impairment. Maybe next time!


2 Responses to On the BBC World Service

  1. tolted says:

    Hey ife, so u going global and all. Good stuff. Pls can u send the link to the interview (am assuming it is online) so we can listen to it.
    N.B Why aint u replyin ur emails???

  2. ostalgia says:

    i listened to the David Blunkett interview, it was heartening. i didnt get to hear your part but maybe they’ll run it this week?..

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