Headline news!

Today, I found something out that I’d never known before. Someone left a note on my doormat which simply said ‘you’re gay’. Wow! And to think i spent all that time looking for a wife?

You know, I need to sue the psychic who came up with that one. All this time, I never knew I was being studied and analyzed. And this psychic who’d be studying me and come up with this fact which was unknown even to me decided to leave the note for someone else to pick up. He/she didn’t even throw it through my letterbox. Actually, it was a lady who read it to me … but what if she was my girlfriend or my wife! I’d have had some explaining to do … those times I traveled to Liverpool and Manchester and London … even abroad, for days, weeks, …? What was I really doing?

But it was worse; This is an infringement of my rights under the disability discrimination act. Imagine sending a note to me in a format I couldn’t access. What if the note had said that I won a cruise, or six million pounds, and I didn’t even know it was there. Anyone could have picked it up and claimed my winnings, and I’d be none the wiser.

What should I do about this stunning new revelation? Should I tell my pastor? Hire a hotshot lawyer?

One Response to Headline news!

  1. Remi says:

    Hire a hotshot lawyer but you want the one with “no win, no fee”. Also avoid the ones that charge £500 per hour. That na wahala (That is trouble). After you win, tell your pastor.

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