Well done Ghana

It’s been a busy week, but not so busy that I didn’t catch Ghana’s entry into the next round of the world Cup. Well done Ghana, next stop Brazil.

While France were struggling against Togo yesterday, I was at a gospel choir concert, where I met the Ghanaian mum of an excellent soloist. I congratulated her and reminded her that we just handed them the mantle for this year. We’re expecting great things from Ghana, so that in South Africa, it would be both Nigeria and Ghana fighting for the cup.

Actually, this world cup is creating too much of a conflict of interests. I’m struggling to keep up with all the things I have to get done. And now, Wimbledon is about to begin … what is a man to do?

2 Responses to Well done Ghana

  1. uaridi says:

    You will not listen to me and abandon all these competitive sports – long walks are so much better.

    How will you split yourself? I understand that taping the games is not the done thing because you need watch the matches to feel part of the game.

    I was “forced” to watch the Ghana and Togo game.

  2. ifeolu says:

    I think competitive sports remind me of when I was younger. Maybe being an armchair coach is tood because I can think ‘if I was Rooney’s age, I’d play better, I’d know what to do in this or that situation’. At least, with the long walks, I can actually participate

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