Good day in church

We had a great time On Sunday. The praise and worship flowed, like we were really communicating with God.

We had guest speakers, a father and son team, Ron and Andrew Eagle. They work so well together. Today, the main talk was from son Andrew. He started by saying that the standards of the new testament are much higher than that of the old, but before we think it’s impossible, Jesus himself is the way by which we can reach them.

It’s like the bar in a high jump, being raised to an impossible height; but there’s a springboard. The Holy Spirit is the coach, always encouraging us to achieve. Like all true athletes, we have a gym. He’s given us every heavenly blessing to achieve our goals

Then the father Ron picked up the thread. He said two things; first all the spiritual training and gymnasium is for purpose, that we may achieve our God-given goals. So, first, we must work out those goals, in order to set our target objectives. Second, the gym, trainer and springboard would be useless if we didn’t apply everything. They’d just sit idle unless we actually made use of them, and if we didn’t make use of them, we wouldn’t be fit for purpose.

One Response to Good day in church

  1. uaridi says:

    I like preachers who encourage and teach rather than preach thunder and fire from heaven. I prefer to see God as an encourager, a companion rather than a stern judge waiting for me to sin so that He can punish me.

    Have a great week

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