For all those who think I’ll make a good blogger, I’m blogging now. And to those who don’t yet know me, … well, here’s your chance.

13 Responses to Welcome

  1. mshairi says:

    I am one of the people who think you will make an excellent blogger so welcome, karibu and welcome!

    I think you are charming too!

  2. Brilliant to have you here.

  3. Welcome.
    I am a Christian too and an ardent admirer of Nigerian football.
    Kanu and Okocha are my boys 🙂
    Pity u won’t be in Germany this year.
    Keep the faith and do keep in touch!

  4. uaridi says:

    Welcome Birth of a Notion to the blogsphere. You will do well here, as there are Nigerians aplenty in Kenya. I once heard a Nigerian priest preaching in Swahili with an oyibo accent. Until my head told me he was Nigerian, I thought he was a snob. (Too long a welcome?) Next time I will just say two words

  5. Guessaurus says:

    Birth of a notion, birth of a blog.
    Welcome to the fold

  6. So glad you are blogging. It is now a minute past 1….still waiting.

  7. akiey says:

    Welcoming you with open arms and do enjoy your time blogging. I want to believe you’ll make a good blogger so prove me right.

    Good start, now keep the posts rolling and we’re sure to come back again, and again, and again, and again…

  8. This is my alter ego welcoming you aboard. Take your shoes off , kick back & enjoy the amzingly good company we all got in here.

    Okay, while we’re at it…”where’s the bathroom and which guest room is reserved for me?? ” lol!

  9. sokari says:

    Welcome to blogging and to KU from a fellow Nigerian – The bloggers here are extremely welcoming so I think you have made a good choice. I wish you all the best in your new venture

  10. Farmgal says:

    welcome! you are in good company

  11. Remi says:

    Another Nigerian head here, Welcome to the blogging community.

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